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Congenital clubfoot in infants

Congenital clubfoot is a severe foot disease in infants. In neglected cases clubfoot provokes childhood disability.

A severe clubfoot form can be easily diagnosed. In such cases, the sole of the infant's foot is turned upwards, while the foot is curved inwards. Its relocation into correct position is impossible.

With medium and slight degree of severity the baby's foot is less deformed. Deformation of the child's foot in congenital clubfoot includes three main components:

  1. Equinus: the foot is curved towards the sole, the heel is pulled upwards.

Врожденная косолапость

  1. Adduction: foot's toes are inclined inwards.

Врожденная косолапость

  1. Supination: the foot's sole is turned upwards.

Врожденная косолапость

In Togliatti , a particular method of conservative treatment of congenital clubfoot in infants is adopted. The correction of the deformed foot is performed gradually, as sparingly as possible. All deformation components are eliminated simultaneously. For fixation in the corrected position a plaster bandage is used.

Plaster bandages should be changed as often as possible. By adopting this therapy method, severe clubfoot forms can be cured normally in 1-1.5 months. The period of treatment using plaster bandages does not exceed 3 to 4 months. In case of deformation recurrence a surgical operation should be done at the age over 1.5 years. A timely and competently conducted therapy of clubfoot in infants produces positive results.


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