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Kolesov Vyacheslav Vladimirovich

Children's orthopedist of highest category. Candidate of Medical Science .

Graduated 1978 from the Medical Academy of Omsk, faculty of pediatrics, special subject Children's Surgery. Since 1979 working as a children's orthopedist and traumatologist at the Municipal Clinical Hospital No.5 of OAO AVTOVAZ.

Author of 2 inventions:

•  "Scoliosis Treatment Technique, no. 2071309 dated January 1 0, 1997 .

•  Congenital Hip Dislocation Treatment Technique, no. 2102945 dated January 27, 1998 .

Author of 2 monographs :

•  Big Problems of Small Children, Togliatti , 2002.

•  Early Diagnosis and Conservative Treatment of Children's Scoliosis, Togliatti , 2005.

Defended in 2004 Candidate's dissertation Early Comprehensive Conservative Treatment of Children's Idiopathic Scoliosis.

Author of 20 published papers. Gained an extensive experience in treating children's orthopedic diseases without surgical operations.

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